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To get it right, sometimes a story has to start in the now and work it’s way back. So in case you haven’t already checked out my “About” page, I’ll take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about who I am and why I’m here.

My Golden Well

While my dedication to natural healing has continued to grow and I love helping family, friends, and the occasional (my husband John says frequent) stranger, I just wasn’t sure about putting my story online.

In spite of my hesitation, I was working on the blog project just two weeks before the most heart-wrenching loss of my lifetime. My two younger sisters and I lost our Mom, Geneveve Dolores Golden Banks, unexpectedly to sudden cardiac arrest less than a year ago.

She was a beautiful person and full of joy, the kind who makes people smile wherever she goes.


See what I mean? And if you could hear her laugh….

That doesn’t mean she had it easy. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that over the past two decades she went through hell, both at home and at work. All while managing growing health problems, most of which she kept to herself, including her visits to the cardiologist.

She exhibited a strength of heart, mind, and character that the Golden family (her maiden name) is known for, and her source was in her faith. She shared her gifts of kindness, wisdom, and joy with whoever crossed her path, even when unappreciated.

So now GoldenWell is here, both for the sake of honoring our mother, as well as helping anyone who may benefit from how I healed from a chronic, systemic health crisis when conventional medical treatment did not work for me.

As Mom used to say, “Everything works together for good”.


Your Golden Well

Whether the situation is chronic or acute, there may be times when you feel alone in the company of misery. Because so many chronic illnesses are not readily apparent to others, it’s easy to get weary trying to hide or explain what you’re going through. As much as someone else might empathize, it’s difficult to communicate the life changing impact of chronic illness.

Furthermore, for many of us, health problems that begin as “invisible” to others may manifest external symptoms only once the disease is raging out of control.

So I encourage you to be grateful for those who love and care for you (they are probably doing their best, just as you are) and make the choice to be in charge of your own health. Because ultimately we are each responsible for our day to day choices.

There is a large community of people just like you, looking for ways to improve their health naturally. The field of talented natural health professionals such as naturopathic practitioners, holistic chiropractors, and other professionals that can help you is also growing.  In 2005 when my own health began to deteriorate, the concept of holistic health was still often considered “eccentric”, and many were just starting to wake up to the near-monopoly of conventional western medicine on our health care choices. I found that there was (and is) a growing desire for people to take responsibility for their own wellbeing through natural means.

So how is it done?

The key is in knowing yourself.


A fig tree, sage bush, and the honeysuckle vine will not thrive equally if treated with the same soil, sun exposure, and water rate.

We’re unique by design.

If you read user reviews for any health product, you’ve probably found comments ranging from “worked great for me!” to “it didn’t do a damn thing”.

How can both be true? No singular formula will work for everyone. We each have our own individual bodily constitution (dosha), tolerances, mental/emotional inclinations, and external circumstances. Knowing yourself is key to making informed decisions about which natural health therapies may work best for you.

(Once you're done reading this blog, you can go here to learn more about your dosha/body type)

Simultaneously, there are also universal truths of natural health that apply to us all, even though there may be a variety of ways to administer them. By sharing my story, I hope to help you to learn about how your unique self may (or may not) respond to different natural therapies, and to produce your own GoldenWell of health.


Before I Got Here

There is just no way for me to share my story with you without acknowledging that I would not have survived without God's help. I don’t mean "I prayed and God healed me" kind of stuff. I'm pretty far removed from the weekly Sunday visit to church, but I did believe, and many times there was just no one else I could ask.

Each time I reached my limit and asked for help, I found it, whether it was from a forgotten book in my natural health library, using an essential oil I'd never used before, or even discovering the benefit of things already in my own kitchen pantry. It happened way too many times for me to pretend that I didn't have spiritual guidance beyond my own research and experimentation.

In addition, the care, feedback, and instruction that I received from extraordinary naturopathic practitioners along the way was (and remains) invaluable.

It took 7 years to solve the puzzle of debilitating chronic symptoms that I experienced. I've always been interested in natural medicine, so I had some frame of reference when I began my research, in addition to my 18 years of experience working in both traditional and specialty pharmacy. I often stumbled through an overwhelming amount of information, but continued to research almost daily, experimenting with various natural healing approaches, eating whole organic foods, and detoxifying my body. Family and friends often wondered if I knew what I was doing. Oftentimes I didn’t.

My failures, however, have culminated in an ability to defeat the devastating symptoms that could not be controlled by conventional medicine. At some point, I became even healthier than I’d been a decade before. I’ll occasionally even break out my driver’s license as evidence for the unbelieving stranger that I truly am all of forty-four years old.

Until now most of what I’ve learned has been limited to face to face interactions with wonderful people of all kinds. I swap health related stories with strangers, or acquaintances ask for details about my “adventures”. If a family member gets attacked by a spiky caterpillar at the family reunion, or a friend wants a good detox recipe, I’m usually the one they call. A phone call to technical support gave me the chance to not only fix my email, but also to learn from a guy who was healed naturally from diverticulitis. I seem to attract random people in the grocery store parking lot who are interested in natural cures for seasonal allergies.

Often the conversation is initiated because people tell me how beautiful my skin is. And I proceed to tell them how it was a complete wreck, and I mean WRECK during years of persistent illness. Thank goodness I somehow had the presence of mind to take photographs; it’s one heck of a “before” and “after”.

What I look like now on the outside is primarily the result of what I put inside my body, not just on it. With a big dose of gratitude. And by identifying what didn’t work for me and why, I’ve also found what does, so I'm going to share both on this blog. What didn’t work for me may resonate with someone else.


If you're looking for the definitive solution to solve your own health dilemma, I should be upfront in telling you that I don’t have a solitary answer.  I am not a licensed medical professional, though I am now formally studying holistic health. I hope to benefit those who seek natural ways of healing by sharing my experiences both during and after the 7 year period of healing the systemic illness that had put my life on hold. This blog will include not only healthy doses of my most consistently successful tips, but also address different approaches for diverse body types.

We each have the potential to draw from our own GoldenWell for natural healing. As much as we need conventional medicine, surely there is also room for each of us to contribute naturally to our own healing, from the inside.


And You?

I may have a lot to share, but there’s more than a lifetime’s worth yet to learn. I’m looking forward to your feedback in the blog post comments!

Stay tuned for my next blog post titled “The Smorgasbord of Symptoms and the Prescription Cornucopeia, Part 1”.

Be GoldenWell.


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