Using Essential Oils On My Father-in-Law With Parkinson’s


For the last few months, my father-in-law has been calling my husband and I several nights a week, telling us he wanted to “go to his own house”. He has Parkinson’s and is beginning to suffer increased signs of anxiety and dementia, especially in the evening. He doesn’t like taking medications that make him feel “foggy” or “slow”, and I don’t blame him, so we weren’t sure what to do other than try to talk to him.

I’ve made dietary suggestions over the years that were not to his liking (he’s a sweets monster!), but there was something else that I hadn’t tried: essential oils. Even though my father-in-law has lost his sense of smell, he didn’t have to smell them in order for them to be absorbed through the skin. I did some research specific to Parkinson’s and anxiety, and decided to try a mix of lavender and melissa oils mixed in coconut oil.

It was one day last week when I walked over to his house with the oil mix (he lives a couple houses down from us). He had called minutes earlier, confused and disoriented. I gently massaged his hands, arms, and behind his ears with the oil blend for about 20 minutes. He seemed to enjoy it, and appeared calm and more centered by the time I left. He has home-based assisted living 24/7 now, and so I left the essential oil blend to use as needed.

It’s been over a week now, and neither my husband nor I have received one of those late night calls. Of course I can’t scientifically prove it was the essential oils, but it sure is interesting, isn’t it?

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