Kapha Imbalance (Vikriti)


Parts 1 and 2 of the Dosha Assessment focus on identifying your dosha, or natural state of being. Part 3 focuses on determining Vikriti, which is the state of imbalance caused when one of the three doshas is excessive.

Your dominant body dosha may be Kapha for example, but the imbalance (Vikriti) that you experience may be related to another dosha (Pitta or Vata).


The following may be signs of Kapha imbalance:

  • Constant fatigue with difficulty waking regardless of how much sleep
  • Feeling cold or clammy
  • Resistance to change, dwelling in the past
  • Easily gaining weight for no clear reason, a feeling of heaviness (Kaphas tend to have low digestive energy and slow metabolism)
  • Lethargy after meals
  • Edema, puffy skin, mucous, dampness


Ayurveda recommends the rule of opposites for maintaining balance among energies. Because Kapha is characterized by heavy, cold, immobile and oily attributes, applying light, warmth, activity or dryness may assist in balancing the aggravated kapha dosha. Kapha may be vitiated by greed or possessiveness, cold/damp environments, or lack of movement.

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