Diabetic Dark Chocolate - 8 oz

Product Description

Health problems can stop people from enjoying the same foods as people who don't suffer from certain ailments. For instance most diabetics can't consume different cocoa drinks. Insulin is required to help sugar enter the cells of the body so it can be used for fuel. People with diabetes do not produce any or enough insulin to accomplish this. The sugar stays in the blood stream and can reach very high levels, even fatal levels. If you're a diabetic and you love chocolate, then you're in for a real treat! Our Chocolate Chunks are sugar free and diabetic friendly. The truth is, unlike most diabetic chocolates that taste horrible diabetic chocolate will make you go back for more! *Excess consumption may have laxative effect. Not a low calorie food.

*Disclaimer* We are not responsible for any melting that may occur during the shipment of chocolate that is ordered during the summer months. Please contact us if you have any questions.

$ 11.00