Seriously Dark Chocolate 73% Ultra Rich Disc - 4 oz

Product Description

These dark chocolate wafers deliver a luxuriously deep and velvety chocolate blended with sophisticated ingredients in the indulgent vanilla flavor and dark cacao. Our 100% all natural chocolates have an unrivaled chocolate intensity in a delicately thin chocolate, allowing the chocolate to melt slowly in your mouth. Truly a gourmet chocolate that is rich and creamy. Give your dessert recipes a distinguished and professional taste with this amazing chocolate. Most wouldn't classify chocolate as healthy, but our chocolate has organic and nutritious ingredients as well as our chocolate possessing free radical fighting properties that help circulation as well as tasting great. A truly epicurean delight!

*Disclaimer* We are not responsible for any melting that may occur during the shipment of chocolate that is ordered during the summer months. Please contact us if you have any questions.

$ 6.45