Colon Cleanser Capsules - 90 ct

Product Description

Gently cleanses your colon in 1 week!

Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from our body. Our bodies are designed to naturally eliminate waste. However bad diet, environmental toxins and lack of exercise always takes its toll. Ayurveda maintains that our colons being the primary area of elimination should always be clean for optimum health.

Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine also maintain the concept that a lack of bowel movements, psycho spiritually reflects an extreme state of deep inner fullness and disturbance. Often this leads to uncontrollable neurotic symptoms including anger and depression that indeed do represent a deeper level of irritation as a result of imbalance in our bodies.

Western medicine has now accepted the importance of a clean colon. Dr James Balch writes, Retained debris in the colon leads to the absorption of toxins resulting in systemic poisoning. Colon cleansing can rid the colon of debris and help prevent and treat a variety of health problems.

Good colon cleansers work in the whole system, not just the large intestine as the other forms of constipation treatments.

eSutras Ayurveda Colon cleanser is an all natural, cleansing and detoxing powder drink that is also very healthy.

This delicious drink will flush the intestines and help remove excessive waste that has accumulated over time. Triphala loosens old toxins and dead waste from the intestinal walls. Other fruits and herbs used helps improves digestion and circulation, reduces cholesterol, improves liver function, is anti— inflammatory, and is good for the eyes.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of Ayurveda complex—Triphala (Emblica officinalis , Belleric myrobalan , Chebulic myrobalan), Burdock root, Calamus root, Turmeric, Ginger, Milk thistle, Nutmeg, Pineapple, Licorice root, Stevia leaf , Senna leaf , Walnut hull, and cane sugar. Also contains a special digestive powder mix including anise, bay leaves, cinnamon, ginger.

Use: Mix 1 tbsp/ cup of warm water stirring well. Drink while still warm. Sweeten with sugar if required. Use twice daily at 12 hour intervals for 5 days for best results.

This package is for one full treatment of a week's supply. Please note if you wish you can buy this in capsules too!

Not recommended for acute diarrhea or during pregnancy. Very underweight persons should avoid using this product as it will decrease weight.

Please note the information above has not been considered by the FDA

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