Black Cumin e.o. - 15 ml

Product Description

Aroma: Bitter and pungent

Also known as black cumin oil, black oil, or black seed oil. It has been known to help with skin ailments such as eczema and boils, and recorded as a treatment for cold symptoms.

Studies have shown that black seed oil is an effective anti—oxidant, anti—bacterial, and anti—inflammatory remedy. As a result, it is often used to fight infections and strengthen the immune system. Headaches, toothaches, and nasal congestion (when used in aroma therapy), are also ailments that have shown improvement when treated with this essential oil.

Note: Although remedial, people with major health ailments like cancer, or epilepsy should avoid use. Non—toxic, non—irritant, possible sensitization in some individuals. Not to be used while pregnant. Skin exposure to the undiluted oil will cause irritation to those with sensitivities

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