Cedarwood (Atlas) e.o. - 15 ml

Product Description

Aroma: Rich, woody, dry

The wood of this evergreen is hard and strongly aromatic because of the high percentage of essential oil it contains, which is where the essential oil is obtained by steam distillation. The oil was used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming, cosmetics, and perfumery, while in the East it has been used for infections, as a preservative, and as an incense.

Medicinal properties include being antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, and fungicidal, which is why it’s perfect as an anti—infection treatment. Skin related ailments have such as acne, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections have been known to be eased by cedarwood atlas essential oil. Also, stress related ailments like nervous tension have been shown to improve with the use of this essential oil.

Note: Although remedial, people with major health ailments like cancer, or epilepsy should avoid use. Non—toxic, non—irritant, possible sensitization in some individuals. Not to be used while pregnant.

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