Pennyroyal e.o. - 15 ml

Product Description

Botanical Name (Mentha pulegium)

Aroma: Fresh, herbal, minty

The oil (externally use only) has a strong minty smell and is useful for repelling fleas, flies, and mosquitoes. The Native Americans used it as a tea to reduce headaches.

Today, in herbal medicine, Pennyroyal herb is mainly used to aid in menstruation and to treat coughs, colds, gas, indigestion, and anxiety.

Pennyroyal is basically preferred to assist avoiding harmful toxins out from your body due to the fact that it induces sweating very quickly. In past it was considered as excellent for women who are starting menopause. It is also considered as best herb to assist women regulate their menstrual flow effectively. This herb is considered as an excellent one in its class. The prime advantage of this herb is that it can be taken any time of the day with anything of your choice. The results of this herb are excellent and it is useful for the person of any age. It is widely preferred because it is a member of mint community.

Pennyroyal leaves are recommended be used for a refreshing skin cleaning, without a doubt the necessary oil must not be preferred directly on skin.

Note: Although remedial, people with major health ailments like cancer, or epilepsy should avoid use. Non—toxic, non—irritant, possible sensitization in some individuals. Not to be used while pregnant. Moderately toxic, use in small amounts, can cause skin irritation, can be a mucous membrane irritant.

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