GoldenWell Pitta Balance and Cleanse Oil

Product Description

Cooling, Relaxing, Lightweight

Description: This blend is formulated to benefit Pitta with the cooling, relaxing, and lightweight properties of organic extra-virgin coconut oil, harmoniously blended with organic fenugreek and organic lavender essential oil.

This oil is intended for Abhyanga, the Ayurvedic practice of anointing the body with oil for healing, balancing, and cleansing, and is not suitable for cosmetic or fragrance purposes.

Ingredients: Organic Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Fenugreek Powder, Organic Lavender Oil.

For External Use: Shake well before use. Massage a small amount into slightly damp skin. May be used to massage facial pressure points.

Certified Organic by MOSA. GMO Free. GoldenWell Ayurveda Oil blends contain no animal products and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.



Pitta Reflects Elements of Fire and Moisture

Pitta is characterized by transformation, fire within the body, and moisture. It governs vision, hunger, thirst, intellect, metabolism, digestion, sexual vigor, liver, and small intestine. Pitta is found in nature in the sun/heat, late spring, and summer.

Pitta dominant people are usually of medium build, with developed muscles. They are intense, determined, aggressive, may easily overheat, be intolerant, have body odor, tend to have acne, moles, or freckles, and hot faces.

Pitta Body:

When in balance, the Pitta dosha properly fuels metabolism, digestion, the brain and heart, eyes, blood, and skin.

When out of balance, the Pitta dosha can cause acid reflux, heart burn, hypertension, rashes, acne, endometriosis, migraines, nausea, and hypertension.

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