Green Tea Powder - 90 ct

Product Description

Botanical name: (Camellia)

Also Known As: Green tea powder or Matcha

Powdered green tea, or matcha, is a high quality tea used as a flavorful ingredient in recipes and for tea in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Because green tea powder is not filtered through a strainer or tea bag, the whole tea leaf is ingested. Healthy compounds in the leaf are not thrown away, so powdered green tea retains high levels of fiber and antioxidants. Powdered green tea is low in calories, yet rich in protein. The tea is a powerful medical treatment as well as a food.

Caffeine in green tea improves mental alertness. Green tea may boost metabolism and aid weight loss. Many of the health benefits of green tea is attributed to polyphenols, which repair cellular damage and help prevent disease. Green tea reduces the risk of inflammatory bowel disease, certain types of cancer, and high cholesterol

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