Assorted Gourmet Sugar Sampler

Product Description

Made with real organic herbs, flowers, fruit extracts and pure cane sugar, this Culinary Gourmet Sugar Sampler brings an exciting new applications to sugars, while actually contributing to your health. Cocoa Vanilla Sugar is a great sprinkle on for brownies, rolls, or ice cream or cake. Dust Cocoa Vanilla sugar over sliced fruit. Mint Sugar can be sprinkled onto any dessert of your liking. Berry Limone is great for veggie drinks to bring fruitiness. Lavender Sugar can sweeten your favorite tea for a delightful flavor addition. Tropical Sugar how sweet, no more sour citrus! Spicy Rose is excellent with dried fruits and salty nuts. This set includes our 6 sugars in an ample 1oz. size. Berry Limone Sugar, Cocoa Vanilla Sugar, Lavender Sugar, Mint Sugar, Spicy Rose Sugar, Tropical Sugar.

$ 25.00