Green Home Cleaning Kit

Product Description

These natural home cleaning products offer everything you'll need to clean your house from top to bottom naturally! Made from the purest, highest quality botanicals in the world: safe, effective, all-natural, child-safe and eco-friendly.

This Green Home Cleaning Kit contains a ready-to-use cleaner and six concentrates that can be diluted easily for maximum use. Dilute with water as per label instructions into the three empty bottles provided. Please keep cleaning products out of the reach of children and in a cool dry place. Please note while items in this kit are safe and do not contain any harmful chemicals, they are not to be ingested. Test all cleaning products on inconspicuous areas before use.

A primary ingredient, soapnuts are 100% natural and contain no chemical additives, which make them a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin. They work because their shell contains a substance called "saponins" (a class of chemical compounds found in various plant species), which reacts like soap when added to water.

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Product Details:

Orange Cleaner (Ready to Use):

This multi purpose, fast acting spray containing real cold-pressed orange oil is your responsible cleaning solution! It cuts through the toughest dirt with a refreshing orange scent, without the use of toxic chemicals. Safe for most types of surfaces and leaves no harsh residues or fumes behind.

Orange Cleaner Concentrate:

This is the concentrate from which the above spray is made, diluted 15 times. Use concentrate as instructed on label.

Bio De-greaser Concentrate:

Super-concentrated natural cleaner that is a perfect balance of natural solvents, wetting agents and alkaline detergents without harmful chemicals like EDTA, Formaldehyde, etc. Hundreds of uses at various dilutions with water. Use carefully as this is a super concentrate and MUST BE diluted at least 4 times with water for any use. For use on: floors, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, porcelain, stainless steel, aluminum, RV's, boats, garages, walls, and most water safe materials.

Window Cleaner Concentrate:

An extraordinary streak-free window and glass cleaner containing real citrus extracts for superior shine and better cleaning, with no Ammonia. Makes 25 X original amount, dilute with water as instructed on label.

Pot and Pan Cleaner Concentrate:

High sudsing 100% naturally derived dish cleaner made entirely from sustainable natural resources. Use on dishes, pots, pans and fine washables diluted as needed. A basic dilution is 1:3.

Bio Floor Cleaner:

Excellent for cleaning all kinds of floors and works well even at high dilutions of up to 20X. Helps removes dirt, including in kitchens & dining rooms. Leaves shine without residue and needs no rinsing. Safe for use on varnished surfaces.

Furniture Polish Concentrate:

Cleans and protects wood while bringing out its natural beauty. Restores and preserves all wood finishes. Contains cleansing conditioners which help loosen and gently remove fingerprints, smudges and dirt. Dilute 1:6 with water and spray on surface to be cleaned. Wipe gently with a dry cloth.

Botanical Wood Protector:

Does not contain silicone, alcohol or other carcinogenic mono carbons. Can be used to polish furniture, wood floors and decks. Will retain shine for a long time. Spray directly or use a soft towel to wipe down any wood surface for long lasting gloss, glow and shine.

More about saponins:

The inner seed is hard and black and contains no saponin. Therefore it is best to crack the shells and discard the seed (before using the soap nuts). Whole soapnuts (including seeds) can be used and disposed of later if desired. Washing and Bathing: Soapnut powder can be used to wash the entire body and hair replacing the need for soaps, shower gels, shampoos and, in most cases conditioners and moisturizers. Skin is left soft, smooth and more resistant to infections and insect bites. The powder also has a deodorizing effect. 4 oz of soapnuts will make approximately 2.5 Quarts of Soapnut Juice. Instructions on how to make this can be found below. Soapnut juice can be used for many purposes.

When you think you've extracted all the saponin, throw the Soapnuts (excluding seeds) in your blender with a bit of water and you'll have a wonderful 'liquid soap' for the hand basin.Hair washed with soapnut feels thicker and healthier and brushing it can make the hair really shine. It may even reduce dandruff and prevent hair loss. The longer you use the powder to wash your hair, the less you will need to use as the residual chemicals are removed. As there are no chemical foaming agents added, the soap nut shampoo does not lather which may take some getting used to but, which ever way you choose to use it, you will enjoy the results every time!

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