Essential Oil - Italian Culinary Kit

Product Description

Rosemary essential oil aids memory, mental fatigue and concentration. Relieves muscle stiffness and aching. Great as a cooking agent because it adds the flavor of rosemary in a concentrated form. Rosemary essential oil is highly concentrated and should only be used in small amounts. Thyme essential oil adds the authentic flavor of thyme to any dish. It is a delicious additive to any recipe containing thyme, especially roasted chicken and onions. Basil Leaf essential oil’s scent strengthens the nerves and clears the head. Basil also stimulates the mind and revives the spirits. Keep some on hand if you suffer from exam jitters, travel sickness, or nausea. It is also highly regarded a necessary taste in pastas and vinaigrettes. A small amount will prove to be enough. Our essential oil is very concentrated.

$ 30.00