Neem Leaves Powder - 60 ct

Product Description

Botanical name: (Azadirachta indica)

Also Known As: Indian Lilac or Margosa tree

Many people have heard of neem oil as an insecticide, but few are aware of the amazing and varied medicinal properties of neem leaves. In India the situation is different. Ayurvedic medicine has always strongly relied on the leaf.

Over 75% of Ayurvedic remedies contain neem, usually in form of leaf (or extract), sometimes the bark/fruit/flowers, and almost never the oil. The leaf is also the part of the neem plant that western medicine knows the most about. It can be made safe for consumption, and especially the use of neem oil for birth control (as a "male pill") continues to generate a lot of interest.

Neem leaves are considered safe to take internally on a regular or daily basis. In the thousands of years that people across India have been taking neem there have never been any reports of negative side effects from leaves.


Various parts of the neem tree have been used as traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India. Neem oil and the bark and leaf extracts have been therapeutically used as folk medicine to control leprosy, respiratory disorders, constipation and also as a general health promoter. Its use for the treatment of rheumatism, chronic syphilitic sores and indolent ulcer has also been evident. Neem oil finds use to control various skin infections. Bark, leaf, root, flower and fruit together cure blood morbidity, biliary afflictions, itching, skin ulcers, burning sensations.

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