Cardamom Jaggery - 5 oz

Product Description

Originally derived from Indian cuisine, Jaggery comes from the word "Gur" meaning "uncountable". The name is apropos. One hint on your tongue, and you'll develop an insatiable taste for these distinct and deliciously spicy, sweet treats of pure unrefined raw cane sugar. A combination of cardamom and jaggery, it is traditional sweetener for coffee in South India. An enticing sweetener out of the jar, an elegant finishing touch to desserts/ice creams, or an inspired ingredient for perfect appetizers, sides and main dishes. Add to beverages, like you would sugar, and in baking use instead of sugar. Used for 2500 years, medical scriptures document evidence of this brown colored unrefined cane sugar aiding digestive disorders, purification of blood, and many more ailments.

$ 7.99